Benefit from technology of the future

Have you ever heard about cryptocurrency mining? If the answer is yes, you are surely asking
whether the mining is profitable or not. We say it is and with our BURSTER it always will!


Our company is working with a new mining technology called PoC protocol (Proof of
capacity). You have surely heard about PoW mining technology (Proof of Work), which uses the power of processors and graphic card chips and therefore has an extremely high energyconsumption, which causes it to be unprofitable in times of low cryptocurrency prices.


Our product – the Burster brings an answer to the mining profitability, as it is set-up to mine two highly perspective cryptocurrencies BURST and BitcoinHD, which use the PoC protocol and
therefore the mining has an extremely low power consumption. The mining rewards are high and the energy costs are always low, therefore the mining is always profitable.


Out target is to implement and explain cryptocurrency mining to the ordinary people and bring this new exciting technology to the masses. Our work includes an enlightenment of the
blockchain technology, which we do during the Burster presentation. We hope that our work will increase the knowledge of the amazing blockchain opportunities for ordinary people and therefore help them to benefit from the technology of the future.

How does Burster work?

- Burster is a device that mines cryptocurrencies by the PoC (Proof of Capacity) and CPoC (Consensus Proof of capacity) protocols
- By processing data in the blockchain, the device is getting awards in the form of BURST and BitcoinHD cryptocurrencies
- It’s an anonymus way of getting cryptocurrencies by supporting the blockchain strength of BURST and BitcoinHD
- Burster can be plugged into any PC, without a requirement for the PC performance
- Very interesting yearly yield by getting thousands of BURST and BitcoinHD coins
- It’s a unique and revolutionary device for households and companies
- It has extremely low running costs

How to get a Burster

4 steps



Choose a Burster according to your expectations and we will contact you




Introduction of the Burster and a detail explanation of the mining parameters



Wallet settings for your Burster (we only need the public key for your wallet)



Launch of mining on your Burster

Benefits of mining with Burster

Why to mine cryptocurrencies with our device?

Stable profitability

Burster offers a dual mining capability with POC and CPOC technology, which use the HDD space for processing of internal data for BURST and BitcoinHD blockchain networks. Therefore it is constantly being awarded and profitable without a need for any software updates or hardware upgrades.


An office, a living room or a garage? It’s up to you where you’ll place the Burster. All you need is a standard PC, in which the mining program will run. The program has no influence whatsoever on the performance of your PC and it’s set up to run automatically without any actions needed from your side. Additionally there is no heat nor noise from generated.


By mining 2 cryptocurrencies, Burster is diversifying the risk of declining prices on the market and is increasing the opportunity for a maximum profit. Burst and BitcoinHD cryptocurrencies are listed on several exchanges and have a decent liquidity. The average consumption of the Burster (depending on the model) is 25W, which is an extremely low value. Other miners work with a 1000W power consumption, therefore the Burster is incomparably more effective.

Burster in numbers

Actual monthly statistics for Burster model 40

Power Consumption
BURST units mined
BitcoinHD units mined
Monthly profit in EUR
(current prices)


Choose the best Burster that meets your needs

*For BitcoinHD mining there is a “unit lock” needed for a 100% pool mining. The mining can be done without a lock but for a lower percentage yield.
*SW requirement for your PC is Windows 64bit at minimum

  • 699€
    • 1 HDD
    • CONSUMPTION: 12 Watt
    • 24/7 CONNECTION
    • 110 BURST + 0.86 BHD
  • 1999€
    • 3 HDD
    • 24 TB DISK SPACE
    • CONSUMPTION: 24 Watt
    • 24/7 CONNECTION
    • 330 BURST + 2.58 BHD
  • 2499€
    • 4 HDD
    • 32 TB DISK SPACE
    • CONSUMPTION: 30 Watt
    • 24/7 CONNECTION
    • 440 BURST+  3.44 BHD

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